We evaluate the
installation of Solar
Energy Facilities
for potential energy
yield, system size,
and utility system
capacity for greenfield
& brownfield sites or
existing & new buildings


We identify the size and type solar system to meet your needs, evaluate panel potential shading and/or orientation encumbrances to maximize solar energy production and identify preliminary utility infrastructure in the area for accessing their distribution system.

Net-Metering Installations - we evaluate the electric equipment room for acceptability of the required gear and determine the systems preliminary interconnection point with utility infrastructure in close proximity. We advise on what work is required to accomplish the installation and interconnection and draft a RFP for the project for identifying Solar Integrators best suited for the installation. These projects may be Land Lease or Land Purchase for the SEF.

When the system size and project feasibility has determined a SEF is beneficial we make application to the serving utility, arrange a site visit to determine utility preferred interconnection point, requirements, system and capacity availability. For larger systems we determine if a feasibility study is required from the utility or the transmission operator. We identify costs; obtain utility construction time lines for interconnection, and metering and distribution system protection requirements.

We assist with a Private Power Purchase Agreement for sale of the solar energy and project what the long term SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) income may be over the course of the systems life. We develop preliminary proforma analysis inclusive of incentives and energy sales, evaluate payback period for investment purposes, project long term income potential from the developed site and project sales pricing for the kwhr production sale to the off-taker for energy produced.