If work is required
from the utilities
can you complete
your project
on time due?

What infrastructure
needs to be removed,
relocated or installed?

Are there local
issues affecting
your timeline?

What utility facilities
are in the site area?

What tariff & service
policies apply?

Is any work related
to a State and/or
Regional Master Plan for the area?


We assist developers of Greenfield and Brownfield sites for Industrial, Commercial or Residential use by performing the due diligence and construction oversight for the supply of electric and gas service in a least cost method. We also evaluate State or Regional Master Plans for deferring costs not directly associated with the project and verify the utilities charge only appropriate fees for the work required. When the work is completed we perform post completion utility bill auditing.

Removal, Relocation & Installation of Utility Services

As states and regions rebound in commercial and residential development controlling construction and relocation costs is crucial to a projects success. For previously developed sites installation of new services is one aspect but only after any relocation of previously installed utility facilities occur if they are required. Relocation costs can be a major portion of the projects cost.

The Sugarloaf team has over 100 collective years of utility experience to assess costs before a shovel goes in the ground for what utility charges will apply and their affect your bottom line.

Before conducting detailed assessments it is important to have a macro-level review of the project and site area. Undertaking a detailed analysis without assessing overall utility infrastructure could lead to sites that are desirable in terms of location but poorly suited in terms of physical infrastructure and site readiness.

Our approach is to identify all potential impacts beforehand and throughout the construction of the project. These services can be independent of each other or in conjunction with your property acquisition team, architectural or civil engineering firm.

Service Application Submittals

We file the required applications and documents required for review by the utility, project manage the work to be performed, advise on the phasing of relocation work and installation of new utility services. We represent the client’s best interest and provide reports throughout the entire process from concept to ribbon cutting.