We review and
analyze sites for
new construction  redevelopment
to identify
infrastructure availability or
 relocation that
impact a project's success


Our team specializes in Utility Infrastructure assessment; with over 100-years of Utility experience behind us in the electric and gas utility industry. Knowing the utility companies electric distribution systems; location, type, voltage capacity and constraints or, gas distribution systems; pressure, location and capacity constraints can mitigate project costs.

Knowing what utility infrastructure is available near your project and conforming to match their system supply can avoid costly equipment purchases or exchanges, construction change orders after construction begins or resizing piping or electrical wiring.

We assist with planning ahead to let you know the least cost method for being supplied service from the utilities by identifying what utility infrastructure is in your immediate area for supplying the service needs of your project. Not performing due diligence to know ahead of land purchase or development can lead to significant delays to the project and in extreme situations keep it from ever happening.

In areas being redeveloped identifying if and what utility facilities need to be relocated should be the first concern. Utilities have significant lead times so relocation of their facilities needs to be identified early to avoid delaying project starts. After completion of the relocation our team evaluates the amount paid against the work performed to assure you only pay for what’s work is attributable to your project. State or County Master Plans are not the responsibility of the developer and only relocation work directly attributable your project should be billed.